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Your monthly bill is comprised of two parts: Water Usage and Monthly Fees.

- The Water Usage figure in your bill is based solely on the amount of water used and the cost of producing that water.  The current water rate fee schedule is:

Rate/1000 gallons Gallons Used
$12.03 0-4000
$13.03 4001-8000
$14.03 8001-12000
$15.03 12001-16000
$16.03 16001-greater

Monthly fees, which are broken down as follows:

     $25/month for Water Service

     $123/month for Sewer Service 

​The District has about a 310 household customer base within the District.  There are costs associated with operation and maintenance of the Water treatment plant and wells; likewise, there are costs associated with maintaining, repairing and upgrading the wastewater treatment system (see STATE COMPLIANCE on the homepage). Any time you see a crew repairing a water leak in our area that can be a $3,000-$7,000 repair bill.  The District inspects with cameras and cleans a section of sewers each year; sometimes repairs to a section is required.  The District samples and sends laboratory analysis to the State to ensure it is in compliance with the standards that ensure you have clean water and that our effluent does not contribute to pollution or contamination.  Pumps quit and have to be replaced; meters have to be replaced;  and we have a significant electrical bill each month.  There are costs associated with audits, legal fees, and engineering fees.  We have employee salary and employee benefits to pay.  All of these costs factor in to your monthly fee billing charge.

We currently pay Donala $42.50/household to discharge our waste water into their treatment facility - this cost is included in the  Sewer Service fee.  The monthly charge is reviewed and adjusted by the Board of Directors as those costs change.  No new taxes are associated with the Sewer Service upgrade.

Our meters read in hundred gallons, thus if you use 4001 gallons that will be billed as 4100 gallons.

Water usage fees for those customers who are not within the District taxpayer base are twice the rates above.

The new fees and rates are required to meet budgeted District operating expenses.