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Active Projects

Upgrade to remote read meters

As older meters stop working they are being replaced with remote read meters.   The District is looking to accelerate meter replacements, particularly for those properties with difficult to access meters.

Infrastructure mapping

The district delivery and wastewater system was not adequatly mapped when it was developed back in the 1960s.  With the assistance of the District Engineer, mapping of that infrastructure and location of valves remains a priority.

Periodic flushing of the water delivery system

Following a schedule, the Manager periodically opens fire hydrants to allow sediment to be flushed from the system.

Periodic flushing and video taping of sections of the sewer system

Based on video review, repairs to the sewer system are completed as necessary.

Curb Stop Locations

The District recently spent a couple years locating curb stops (the valve to turn off water supply to the house).  We have not been able to locate stops for approximately 30 homes.  Over the next several years the District intends to excavate a few of those supply lines a year and install new curb stops.