Can I attend a board of directors meeting?

Yes!  The Board of Directors regular meetings are normally on the 3d Wednesday of each month at the Donald Wescott Fire Station at 15415 Gleneagle Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80921.  Due to Covid, meetings are currently being held via Skype.  The link to join the Skype meeting is under Notices  /node/10096

When does the board review rates?

The board usually reviews the current year's budget and prepares the budget for the following year at the October & November meetings.  Rates are adjusted at the same time to ensure there is sufficient revenue in the following year to meet the expenses of the new budget and to maintain operational reserves.  A notice is posted in The Gazette and on the AWSD website advising the public that a rate increase is being considered.

Why do I have low water pressure?

Your water pressure is controlled by two things: the delivery pressure from the District to your home; and the pressure regulator valve setting inside your home. If your pressure is low, have a qualified person first try adjusting the pressure regulator valve (usually located wherever the water supply line enters your home) - NOTE: Some older valves may malfunction or break when they are adjusted. If that does not correct the problem, contact the District Manager.

How can I shut off the water to my house in an emergency?

There is a main shutoff lever or valve where the water line comes inside your home. To shut off the water turn the lever perpendicular to the pipe. If you have a valve with a circular handle, turn the handle to the right until it stops.
There also is a curb stop located on your property between the District's main supply line and the house. To shut off the supply at that point requires a special tool (most plumbers carry that tool). If you cannot find your curb stop, contact the District Manager.

What can cause a really high water bill?

If you haven't just filled your swimming pool, you probably have a leak. A pinhole leak in a pipe, a constantly running toilet or a broken sprinkler line can cause a loss of several hundreds of gallons of water. You might be able to determine if you have a leak by monitoring your inside water meter after you have turned off all faucets, the washing machine and any humidifiers that draw water - look to see if there is any movement in the measuring dials - if there is, that is an indication of a leak. Leaks of this nature are the responsibility of the homeowner to repair.

What should I do if my toilet backs up?

You should call a plumber to locate and clear the cause of the backup (usually a clog in the waste line from the home to the main sewer line). If the backup has caused damage in your home you should also contact your homeowner's insurance company.

Why do I have a bill when my property is vacant?

The District infrastructure (sewer lines, etc.) must be maintained every year; that cost is budgeted and results in the current monthly fee to all customers/owners, whether the property is occupied or not. There is no charge for water usage if no water use is recorded.