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When is the next election of Board members?

2025 Regular Election Date: Tuesday, May 6

Special districts must hold regular elections on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May in odd numbered years for the purpose of electing Directors to the Board and, as applicable, for the submission of other ballot issues or questions (para 32-1-103(17), C.R.S.)

In those even numbered years, the Board appoints one of the Directors to be the Designated Election Official. Notice of the election and instructions on how interested individuals may obtain and submit Self Nomination Forms and be considered as candidates for the positions that are being filled.

In practice over the past several years we have had few individuals step forward to serve. Most vacancies have occurred as Directors stepped down or the position was left vacant for other reasons. In those cases, the Board appointed interested individuals to fill the vacant positions.

Due to the lack of qualified individuals willing to serve as Directors, several years ago the District gained the approval of qualified voters to eliminate the two-term limit for Directors of the District.

More information regarding the Director positions and when the current term of each Director expires is provided in the Transparency Notice on the home page.